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item# : 9997
product description :

Patent applied.

2 packagings = 1-litre bag, 4 litres-bag, , 25 litres-bag
size :


Ø12MM, 16MM

 MoistBall is the innovative product(Patented) made of natural clay. MoistBall is 100% "Non-Toxic" & " Freindly to Environment".

By its "high porous zone". MoistBall can absorb and keep much amount of water and gradually release moisture through the "low porous layer". Definitely you can reduce the need of watering.

          HOW TO USE

1. Coverage is recommended 1-1.5 inches deep for keeping moisture and decorating pot.

2. Mix with soil in ratio of 9:1 (soil: Moistball) for  aeration benefit.

3. Place 1 inch at the bottom of pot for better drainage and water preservation.