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At Siamese Merchandise Co.,Ltd. (SMC), together with doing a business, we are proud to supply our beautiful potteries for everyone's homes and gardens. Established in 1988, now we are the leading manufacturer and exporter of potteries in Asia. Our collection consists of four categories - :Terracotta Pot, Painted Pot, Earthen Pot, and Ceramic Pot, which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


To reach our objective; to be one of the world-leading manufacturers and exporters of "pottery", we responsibly work to maintain our good qualifications as our policy states "Top Quality, Good Packing, Competitive Price, and Punctual Shipment". From total property of 500,000 Sqm.; our current facility for the production and inventory is about 300,000 Sqm. In the near future, we have our continued project to expand our production and inventory area of 200,000 Sqm. more to fit the entire property. It's our pride to follow our mission of "producing and supplying the qualified pottery, and providing the satisfied service, to all of our customers".


By strong research and development, every years we launch the new beautiful designs to match with the world-market-trends. Because of this, you can be assured that our potteries are touching to eyes, and bringing intuitive satisfaction to many end users for years and years.


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